Anonymous Revenge

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Revenge Bomb - Now it´s Basta! Anonymous Shitty Revenge Pasta

An anonymous revenge is necessary, whenever you wish to retaliate discretly for whatever reason. Here is a powerful weapon to set boundaries on a personal level, but also a strong sociopolitical shell advised for use by all the discontented.

Put an End to it, demand Respect ...

The Pasta-Basta-Bomb, suitable for personal fiends as well as for politicians on all levels, allows civilised resistance and defence and will help the addressee reflect on his misdeeds. 
You may throw the revenge bomb yourself at your MP, a Senator or whoever, which is fun, but you can also have the Revenge Horse send your collected and tinned criticism or fury comfortably, completely anonymously and unerringly per mail to the addressee (You may note that the horse has a bit of a poetic vein).

Anonymous Revenge Grenade, fine for Personal Enemies

Content of the bomb: Nearly two liters of gorgeous vengeance, a mighty wrath grenade, dreaded by your boss, your neighbours, your landlord, the House of Lords, the clergy and so forth ...

If only Harold Godwinson had had one at the "Grey Apple Tree" from the Revenge Horse´s lovely shoppe!
If you believe that the bomb is too weak to give you satisfaction, you may resort to a whole parcelful of lovely horse nuggets.

If you ever consider ordering a tin to you home, keep in mind that eventual rests are good for your plants on the balcony or window sill: Cranesbill, sunflower, hemp etc. Some individuals of bad character have even been reported to crumble some of it in the muesli of their partners from time to time. Disgusting ! Galopper on Anonymous Revenge

Fast delivery as sent by letter. Easy payment through Paypal.
The Eco-Horse will also send you a photo on request.

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