Ex Partner Revenge

16.90 €

Shitty Revenge Banana Banana as Ex Partner Revenge

Everything in vain - the whole thing had not been worth it. A bitter experience in life. Broken heart and then all these costs! One thing is clear: There has to be revenge! Best for the two of them - Ex and the poor successor. So send the ex a powerful Goodbye by means of the Ex Partner Revenge!

Vengeance - Cheating Ex & other Scoundrels

The charming gift is fine for girls and boys, men and women and will heal all your injuries. The lovely horse nuggets are embedded in the banana without any further wrapping. On opening it may maliciously spew part of its spicey content. Disgusting !
Should the new partner of the ex have its share, you may want to send a bomb.

All products are 100 % eco-farming. No artificial additives. May contain some nasty wobbly insects trying to flee. Interesting to watch.

Fantastic Ex Partner Revenge Gift

Size (banana): Impressive 25 x 6 x 5 cm, diameter 7,5 cm, and thus certainly larger then Cameron´s private part in the pig´s head. Womens Ex Partner Revenge

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Ex Partner Revenge