Light Revenge

9.90 €

Humorous Vengeance

Discrete Revenge with a Wink of the Eye

Small Gift and Light Revenge

Cheap and light revenge affordable by all - for students, the poor and misers. Horse droppings, packed with care and love by the famous Revenge Horse.

The road apples come without any additives. They are a wonderful "Thank-You" for past misdeeds as well as a friendly call for future good conduct before you might resort to heavier ammunition. The Light Revenge is free of lactose and additives. If you ever asked yourself how to get revenge on a friend or a relative, well, here´s the answer.

Light Revenge for friends and small crimes

This superb revenge article may thus also be applied to people you know well. It is no terrible stuff, just honest horse nuggets, a gift which will be understood by anyone who did you wrong, even family members! Mothers in law need stronger stuff, though. Nobody needs to be ashamed of this present. It obviously offers a socially acceptable reminder that an excuse from the lucky devil, who received it, is due.
Taking revenge is a natural impulse impuls after all.

Fast delivery as sent by letter. Easy payment through Paypal.
Sent in a simple cardbord box, decorative box with red bow as above plus 5 €. Light Revenge

Approximate prices in other currencies: £ 8.5, US$ 11, plus postage £ 3, $ 4,20 (approx.)