Shitty Revenge Gift - Strike Back

Vengeance is Sweet ...Shitty Revenge Gift

We know them all - they cross our way again and again in life. We wish them to hell, tarred and feathered, but often we do not know what to do when we face them. Your boss, the mother in law, the noisy neighbour, mobbing colleagues, the wicked teacher - you name them - the list is endless! And of course the ex, who ran off with another one ... The Shitty Revenge Gift is your solution, for misdeeds and injustices have to be punished. 

A Shitty Revenge Gift Soothes the Mind 

Toussaint L`Ouverture with Shitty Revenge Gift

Bucketful of Shitty Revenge Gift

Luckily there is one solution: Honest horse nuggets for all your enemies, which can also be sent with a wink of your eye to your friends and even to your beloved, because he or she has forgotten the wedding anniversary - again!
Here´s the solution for a social need which cannot be denied. Taking revenge is a natural impulse.

Serve it Cold! Defend Yourself - All Occasions, Anyone, Friends and Enemies

There are so many coffee cups that have not been thrown, so many insults and offences that have been swallowed silently. 

We had often become a victim in life, could not defend ourselves, had been left helpless and speechless, and had no idea of how to react properly, and - a great shame - had not even had a piece of dung at hand to throw after our enemies.

Anonymous Shitty Revenge Gift

This produces frustration, restlessness, insomnia, lack of concentration and ugly pimples.
Yes, we cannot even work, which is terrible. 

But we had been right. Everybody knows!

Now´s the time for Vengeance! Enough frustration! The best gifts are often those, of which you profit yourself as well, which give you satisfaction and a good laugh. This is balm for soul and mind, maybe even on both sides.
The Shitty Gift is also a modern weapon, not yet subjet to a gun licence, anonymous, fast, uncomplicated.  Fast Shitty Revenge Gift

So the solution is: Send your enemies or friends what they deserve - Shitty Revenge Gift, Horse Nuggets! 

Now, it´s up to you: Attack! Safely and anonymously ! Please also see details on tracking.
Easy payment though Paypal or transfer.

Worldwide Delivery, all Homes and Institutions:
House of Lords, Vatican, Neighbours, Bosses, your Ex ...